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Voncross Mollee Macreanna   

 Mollee came to me via a long time friend, Ethel Kruetztrager. Ethel had top show Dalmatians at one time back in the 70's when we met. I remember she had a lovely bitch she was showing, Crown Jewel's Ruby Lavalier and often she went WB and I went WD with my first homebred champion, Mr. Diamond Chips of Croatia. Ethel let me take Molle and I am to give her a puppy back. We tried to breed Molle to our Irish import dog Pipistrelle Packawalup, with no success (we thought). Molle showed no sign of being pregnant and since she wasn't really bred, I paid little attention to her. One day I went out to the kennel and there was this gorgeous little female puppy. She is Zelicaon Tinker Belle (Mia). At four months she barely weighs 2 pounds but she is a ball of fire and sweet as sugar. Mia is much loved in a pet home in Albuquerque, NM.

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