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Zelicaon's No No Nannette


CH Caratoot's Count Christopher



SUCH Silenzio's Frank Sinatra


SUCH Slienzio's Dancing Master  SUCH NUCH INTCH Silenzio's Toddy
 Silenzio's Asa
Silenzio's Simba  Silenzio's Tuffa Viktor
 SUCH NUCH INTCH JAPCH Silenzio's Lady Luck
SUCH DKUCH Caratoot's Convince Chantalle Chipman's Ringo Star  SUCH Caratoot's Great Expectation
 Chipman's Diana of Condoras
SUCH SV-94 NUCH DKUCH Chipman's Like A Great Expectation SUCH Caratoot's Great Expectation 
 Chagall's Charity 

CH Greg-Mar Fluttering Zelicaon

JAP CH Lord of Misrule Shirando Toysoldier  Shirando Jumping Jack
 Nouveau Little Meggy
Tippitoes Luck Be A Lady  Nouveau Envoy
 Nouveau Leading Lady
Future For You Of Art Etoile JP Silenzio's Sir France  Smaragdens Poker Face
 Silenzio's Mac Lobella
Glasafon Diquest Diandra  GB CH Glasafon Mustard
 Glasafon Rosemary

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