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Pipistrelle Sierra Sue


CH Pipistrelle Dago Red



CH Tussalud Nickelodean


Pierosas Raskare Lejonharta of Tussalud SW CH Pierosas Gateau
Pierosas C'est La Vie
Tussalud June Bug Tussalud Tigre
CH Pertosas Pain Blanc at Tussalud

CH Pipistrelle Claire the Loon


Deecrest Touch of Class Gerlil Texas Ranger of Deecrest
Marill Dancing Doll
Pipistrelle Bonnie Pipistrelle Daniel
Jaspeggy Missouri Maiden


Galsafon Amber



CH Inixia Anthony Zarrella Teddy Edward at Inixia Inixia Merry Musketeer
Hey Look Thats Me at Norstra
Inixia Artful Annie Palmosa Toshka at Inixia
Inixia Final Fling
Vella Epicure Glasafon CH Glasafon Mustard CH Inverdon Ganvmede
Glasafon Mayfly
CH Vella Emerald CH Vella Eurica
Murty Fleuretta at Vella

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