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6 weeks old

Pipistrelle My Wild Irish Rose 

During a trip to Crufts and the St. Patrick's Day Show in Dublin, I managed to visit Claire Anne and Maurice Ahern, of Pipstrelle fame. I was made to feel very welcome in their home and before the day was over, I owned Pipstrelle Sierra Sue. Susie was in season, but not read to breed so I left her there and she was bred to Pipistrelle Nooky Booky and she was sent over later. About five weeks after she arrived in America, Susie presented three puppies. After breeding show dogs since 1954, I feel like an utter fool telling this story.
According to "the book," Susie wasn't due for three more days so I kept an engagement to dig Hostas for our local Hosta Society. I loaded Susie up in the Van and met at a designated home where we were to meet and caravan to a town 50 miles away. I let Susie out and she was running around having a great time. We arrived at our destination, let the dogs out to potty and then spent the next two hours working on our project. The lady of the house had lunch for us so I ate and then went out to let the dogs out again. To my surprise she had a puppy. Twenty minutes later she had another and an hour later a third, all born in the back of my van! Obviously Susie had not read the book!
The first born is Pipistrelle My Wild Irish Rose. She is lovely, sound and a real "Cracker" as the Irish would say.

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